Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Holding A Cat is All About

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For the last eight years, I have worked as a professional pet sitter. For a portion of that time, I was a college student. Once I earned my degree, I said goodbye to the world of professional pet sitting and sat down at an office desk. Desks are not nearly as interesting as animals and with-in just a few months I found myself organizing keys and heading back out to be with my four-legged friends. I loved it so much that I bought the company I had worked for and dedicated my every day to pet sitting.

During my years, I have often heard the same questions from my clients: “Why does my cat throw up? Why won’t he use the litter box? What do I do when I move my cats? How will they react?” Not only did my clients have the same questions, I noticed many of them making the same mistakes: they were unsure or afraid to give pills, they put food and water bowls beside litter boxes and worst, they could not distinguish the difference between medical conditions and behavioral problems.

I decided to begin recording the answers to some of these questions here so that others might benefit from what I have learned through my years of pet sitting and cat ownership. I am not a vet and I have had no formal training with animals, but I can offer paws-on experience and a lot of humor to see you through some of the basics of living with a cat.

I hope that if you do not find the answers you are looking for that you will email me with your questions. There are many topics to be addressed but I welcome the challenge of a few more!