Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Build Your Own Cat Toy -- No Skills Required!

Ever wanted to build a toy for your cat but find you have no tools and no talent? With my New Improved Patented Cat Toy Design you too can build a toy for your cats despite your utter lack of skills and limited resources.

Step One:

Order a large item from the Internet that will be shipped in a cardboard box. Here we've chosen a ceiling fan.

Step Two:

Remove the large item and discard.

Step Three:

Remove cat from box.

Step Four:

Fold the two small flaps in and one large flap down leaving a small square opening near the bottom. Tape the flaps in place.

Step Five:

With scissors cut several small holes, called Smacking Holes, around the sides and on the top of the box. The holes should be slightly larger than a cat's paw.

Step Six:

Add cat treats, toys and/or cat nip to the box to lure your cats in.

Step Seven:

Sit back and giggle as your cats hide in and around the box smacking each other through the small holes you cut.