Monday, May 7, 2007

Adding a New Cat to Your Home Doesn't Mean Someone Will Bleed

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A question that I often see on the Internet is what are the steps to introduce a new cat into a household. This is a great question because cats are typically solitary animals and the addition of a new cat can cause stress and possibly some bad behavior. However, I’ve also noticed that it seems to cause much more stress to the humans involved than it does to the felines!

First, be certain that another cat is a good idea. For some tips and suggestions see my article Cat Math: Does adding one more cat cause four times the havoc?

Once you’ve decided that another cat is right for you arm yourself with information! For a great article about what to expect when you add a new cat to your house see Introducing Pets to a New Cat at the Humane Society of the United States.

When you add your new cat, remember that it is very important for you to stay calm. No sense in creating more stress! Also, keep in mind that cats know what steps to take to meet a new cat. They really can in many cases sort it out for themselves so don’t be afraid to let them interact while you watch quietly near by. Step in only if there is significant reaction. Ignore hissing and growling that’s just part of the process and it does not hurt either cat, unless someone has really bad breath!

If you feel you need heavy artillery to ease your new cat into your home, pick up some Feliway. This nifty product plugs into an outlet and releases cat pheromones into your house. This will help your cats feel calm and cool no drugs needed!

Finally, enjoy watching your kitties get to know each other and discover the games they’ll play together. Two cats are so much fun you might even cancel your cable!


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