Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cat Math: Does adding one more cat cause four times the havoc?

You’ve got one cat and due to a head injury or un-diagnosable virus attacking your brain stem you decide to get another one! “Why?!” Exclaims the blog author who has three cats of her own. Perhaps you should lay down somewhere cool before you make this decision.

Despite my little jokes, there are occasions where inviting a second cat into your home can be a good idea. If your cat is young and active, a comparable playmate can be a lot of fun. Sometimes, the introduction of a second cat can serve as a distraction to certain behaviors you’d rather your cat not exhibit. Then again, there is always the worry that they’ll gang up on you and teach each other new naughty behaviors! While they often seem aloof many cats do enjoy a buddy to groom, cuddle and pounce!

Just as there can be good times to add a new cat to your household, there can be bad times as well. As a pet sitter, clients often amaze me. They’ll have a great pet who’s lived with them for years. As their pet approaches their last days the clients will get a new pet. Now I know they are trying to buffer the emotional blow they know is coming when Fluffy finally passes, but this is selfish thinking. After all those years Fluffy put up with being poked while sleeping and smacked in the head by the children in the house, hasn’t she earned a peaceful twilight? Like Fluffy is laying there in her little bed dozing and thinking to herself, “Gosh, I wish I had a little kitten to jump on my head while I’m resting and to chew my tail while I’m trying to use my litter box.” If this sounds like your house do Fluffy a favor and hold off on that new addition just a bit longer.

SOAP BOX TIME: Having two cats does double the fun but remember that it doubles the responsibility (like vet bills, food cost and litter box duty) too. Before you decide to add a second pet of any kind, please do decide to get a pet. Don’t bring a new guy home on a whim because you noticed his cute face in a store window while shopping. I get calls weekly from people who have had pets for years but, “just can’t keep them anymore,” and they want me to help their friend and companion find a new home. Be committed to any little animal you bring home and they will, in turn, be committed to you!

Enough soap box! I do solemnly swear to engage only in comedy and bad puns for at least 3 posts before I dust the soap box off again!
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