Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Water Water Everywhere but None is Cat Approved

It is a pleasant Saturday afternoon. You are lounging on your sofa recovering from mowing the lawn. You have a good book and a tall glass of water. As you begin to slip gently into a sweet afternoon nap, your reverie is shattered! Your innocent, refreshing glass of water flips end over end splashing you, the couch and your paperback. From the corner of your eye you see a gray tabby tail whisking around the corner. Your cat was drinking from your water glass. Gross!

But why? There is a bowl of water specifically for your cat. You bought a cute one with little cat images on the side and a fishy on the bottom. Better still, you filled it with fresh water before you mowed the lawn. Why would your cat want your water? Ask yourself this important question. Could it be that the water you put out for your cat contains cooties?

Cooties are any icky foreign substances that find their way into your cat’s water. It could be anything: dog spit, a piece of rapidly disintegrating cat food or even a clump of cat hair (where would we find that!) Cats do not like cooties in their water. Many cats prefer running water since it tends to sweep cooties away.

To avoid a suddenly wet lap try moving your cat’s water bowl away from their food bowl so crunchies don’t fall in while they’re eating. Wash the bowl with soap frequently to kill germs and kill that pink pond scum that likes to grow on the bowl. If you have the money, consider investing in a fountain that recycles the water. These are great for even the fussiest cats.