Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cat Toys and Your Bank Account

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Have you ever noticed how much money a person can spend on cat toys? No longer do consumers pick up toy mice or jingle bell balls at the grocery store. Now one can spend a year’s salary on cat furniture, electronic cat toys and even cat videos to play when you are not at home. In such a busy world full of cat toys, how do you know which one your cat will like?

The rule of thumb is: the more you spend, the more disinterest your cat will show. I once bought my cat a plastic cheese. It had holes cut in the side so he could hide in it and a plastic mouse that dangled on a string and rattled when moved (moved by me, never the cat). It won me no love from Friday but Hemmy once peed in it and Kit often used it as a springboard to get up on top of a table. I threw it away a week ago because I got tired of tripping on it.

Their favorite toy is a cardboard box (free so it follows my theory). I tape three sides down so the opening is just a small hole. They think they are really hiding when they are in there. For fun, I cut small holes all around the sides and on the top of the box. I call these Smacking Holes. They make the already interesting cardboard box a kitty Disney World.

The cats make me laugh until I cry when they are in the box. One will get inside and believe that he’s hidden from the others but before long the other two are outside of the box reaching in smacking the cat inside, looks of sheer glee on their faces. Whoever is inside falls over himself to get out of the box, a little less glee on his face. You would think they would learn but within minutes, someone else is inside the box dodging paws from two sides.

You can keep your cat chairs, cat trees and cat houses, but can I have the box they came in?


Anonymous said...

terrific post!!

Miss D said...

I think you're onto something with this theory, Jennifer. Proves my theory that cats are highly artistic creatures who appreciate "found objects".

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