Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lost Pets and the Flier Crusades

Thankfully, it's been many years since I've had a pet who went missing. However, I have found a few animals in recent years and dutifully I've made fliers and marched around the neighborhood armed with duct tape and posters in an effort to reunite the pet with his family.

In one case, my neighbor’s greyhound and basset hound broke out for a second time. I knew where they lived so I decided to walk them home. It was summer which is hot anywhere but in Georgia it’s HOT and sticky! The greyhound had no trouble keeping up but halfway home the basset sat down on a curb and wouldn’t budge. Wishing I had driven them home, I bent down and picked him up. He was a hefty, well-fed basset so we only made it to the corner before I sat down on a curb and wouldn’t budge. Luckily, a neighbor held the dogs while I went back for the car. I drove them home and then changed my sweaty, nasty clothes!

Lost pets are a problem for many people. If you’ve lost a pet and you don’t have a crazy neighbor like me, see Linda Wilson Fuoco of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article called There’s a lot to do when a pet is lost. Read the full article for some fantastic tips to help you bring Fluffy home safe and fluffy. If you haven’t lost a pet, read it anyway! Fuoco offers suggestions for ways the average person can lend a hand finding lost pets.

Finally, if you have lost a pet and a stranger is good enough to recover them and spend time helping bring him home, remember to ask if they incurred any costs and offer to reimburse them. Also, a donation to the local Humane Society in their name is a friendly gesture and you’ll be helping other animals find homes of their own.