Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Rare Chance to Share the Spotlight

I like blogging because I think I'm funny; therefore, I don't really like sharing the spotlight. Nevertheless, there are LOTS of funny authors out there. Here's a sample of some of my favs.

Stuff on My Cat has some great cat pics. Here's one but cruise on over and check out the giggles for yourself.

Can someone shine part of the spotlight back over here? Carnival of the Cats is a collection of bloggers who comment on our favorite topic: cats. I get some shine as they've added a couple of How To Hold a Cat clips to their weekly publishing. You can read about all things cat and even vote on your favorite cat model.

Finally, see why cats don't like you at My Cat Hates You. Funny pics to remind you that you are mortal and your cat knows where you sleep!


Jessica said...

I love it! I've definitely just added "Stuff on My Cat" to my own blog. I don't know when I've laughed so hard at someone else's expense.

Anonymous said...