Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Plastic Cat Carrier of Death

Vet time! Fun for everyone! You bleed, you cry to say nothing of how your cat feels! The first step of this process is always delightful. Catching your cat and shoving…er, putting, him into the Plastic Cat Carrier of Death!

Rare is the cat who is helpful to this process. Cats quickly learn that carriers (and being in them) mean something even more unpleasant is soon to follow. The simplest solution as far as the cat is concerned is simply to avoid being caught. This can cause great frustration when you want (or worse need) your cat to be in a carrier.

What’s a cat owner to do? Well, it’s simple, in theory anyway. You want to put your cat in the carrier with the least amount of stress possible. But how? Follow my steps and you’ll be on the way to your vet’s office with the fewest scars possible.

1.) Allow plenty of time. Give yourself extra time to crate your cats. It’s your job to remain calm as your cat probably won’t. Worrying that you’ll be late to an appointment will distract you and your cat will feed off of your stress. Plan on more time than you need to prevent even more crating frazzle!

2.) Do not allow your cat to see the carrier. As I often say, forewarned is forearmed. The sight of the carrier alone is enough to provoke claws, hissing and flailing. Put the crate in a room away from your cat and close the door. Put your cat on your shoulder (For tips on holding your cat see How To Hold a Cat) and prevent him from looking forward by scratching his ears as you carry him to the kennel. The first glimpse your of the kennel your cat should have is when you slide him in.

3.) Gravity is your friend. When you put the kennel in the room, open the door and set it on its end so the door is the top-most part. Instead of cramming your cat into the crate head first, slide them in down and backwards. If you’ve prevented your cat from seeing the crate they’ll be halfway in before they realize they’re in a Squirm-Necessary-Situation.

4.) Close the door quickly. Do I really need to explain this?

5.) Calm, calm, calm. Talk in a calm “purry” voice. Nope, they won’t stop screaming (most likely) but it’s still your job to offer what comfort you can. A treat or two before you head out the door (make it a good one) won’t hurt unless your cat is prone to be sick in the car. If so or if you are not sure, save the treat for later.

Skip the radio in the car or keep it low. Cat’s ears are far more sensitive than ours are. Put them in the back and be mindful of the temperature. Just because you are comfortable up front that doesn’t mean your cat is, too. The stress will increase their temperature as well so if you live in an area that is hot like I do pay even more attention! Go easy on the brakes and sharp turns. Plastic carrier bottoms are slippery and your cat’s claws won’t give them much purchase there so don’t send your baby on a rollercoaster ride!

Finally, never ever, ever allow your cat to move freely about your car. This is dangerous for you, your cat and other drivers. Carriers may cause your cat stress but they’re great safety tools. There are many models on the market to suit your needs and budget so there’s no excuse for not using one and my fantastic best-you’ve-ever-read steps to crating will save you a ton of grief!

Now, you just have to get through the vet appointment!


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Anonymous said...

I always end up with scars and blood whenever I try to put my cat in a carrier. It is always so stressful for both of us. Now I know where to start! Thank you so much!

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Peter Ares said...
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Peter Ares said...

Don't let the cat see the carrier. Look how this lady put her cat at the end of this video:


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